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Canberra Criminal Lawyers is Canberra's premier criminal law firm, with it's founder, Paul Edmonds, Solicitor & Barrister, having over 20 years experience in various courts in both NSW & the A.C.T.

Whilst some other high profile firms in Canberra attract more media attention, Canberra Criminal Lawyers try hard to keep your name and your case out of the media, to save you embarrassment and potential damage to your reputation.

Many bigger firms of lawyers in Canberra will also assign a junior solicitor to your case and to attend Court with you. However, at Canberra Criminal Lawyers our senior lawyer, Paul Edmonds, will always attend Court with you if requested and give your case the personal attention it deserves. We also understand that for many people their first time in Court or dealing with the police is particularly stressful and confusing. At Canberra Criminal Lawyers we will untangle all the legal jargon for you and explain things to you in easy to understand terms.

To discuss your legal problem give Paul Edmonds a call on 6134 6073 or after hours on 0432 397 229.

Phone: (02) 6134 6073

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